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Artificial or Real ? That Is The Question

Does your club stay with it's real surface, with all the maintenance (but beloved surface to play on) or go down the increasingly popular artificial route?

It's a big dilemma - find out the pros & cons here

Taking Care of Artificial Surfaces

Ever wondered how you look after an artificial surface?

This video shows how to take care of an artificial sports surface.

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Rubber Flooring : Not Just For Kids?

Rubberised flooring is not just for kids soft play area. These days, it has a multitude of uses, and you may have need for it around your club.

Find out more about the many potential uses for rubber flooring here.

Are Resin Gravel Driveways An Option?

Traditional gravel & tarmac driveways are always an option for the approach to your sports club, but both come with advantages and drawbacks. But one surface is fast growing in popularity - that of resin bound gravel aggregate.

The picture on the left shows a new resin bonded gravel driveway surface at Sunninghill Golf Club which was installed to the approach road. This new resin bound surfacing system compares favourably in terms of cost.

Club Security

All that lovely expensive club surfacing needs to be protected from the inevitable miscreants that are about these days.

We take a look at what security your club should consider, to protect your valuable sports pitches and practice areas.

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Latest News: Football League Votes on 3G Surfaces

The executives in charge of Sky Bet Leagues 1 & 2 (tier 3 & 4 of English football) vote on whether clubs can use artificial surfaces for the 2015/16 season.

Find out more here

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